This was the turning point of the entire channel. Robb Diggie was able to get the chance to meet LL Cool J on Instagram Live on May 20th, of 2020. LL Cool J is an absolute hip-hop legend and has done a ton for the culture and is an inspiration to many generations of hip-hop artists.

Season II: The Shift opens with Gang Starr: The perfect DJ/MC combination. In this episode Robb Diggie, Will B, and newcomer Bruce give their perspectives on the impact of Gang Starr and their contributions to Hip-Hop.

Episode IV features Onyx: The Beatdown of Hip-Hop! Onyx is one of the most grimiest, gritty, and in your face groups in all of hip-hop. In this episode Robb Diggie, Queen Diggie, and Will B. discuss their contributions to the culture and their impact on the industry.

Hitta Castro: A man of many talents!!!

@Hitta Castro hails from San Diego, CA. He is known for his ability to create music for all walks of life. In this exclusive interview, Hitta Castro talks with Diggie A-2 about his success, his love of music, and the future! Instagram & Twitter: @hittacastro Youtube: HittaZone Now streaming on all major music platforms!

PART VI: 36 N Brimstone

The second to last stop on DBENTCO|The Journey is with the DBENTCO’s 2020 Entertainers of the year: 36 N Brimstone!!! They have a unique style that is all their own and their work ethic is unmatched. As probably the most unique in DEBENTCO 36 N Brimstone never disappoints. Even in this interview with Diggie A-2!

Young Bleed: The Southern Underground Experience

In this episode of the New Class, Diggie A-2 sits with the Underground legend: @Young Bleed. Young Bleed has been in industry for over 25 years and has seen the ups and downs of the game. Diggie & Young Bleed discuss life, hip-hop, and legac

1. This is the link to Apple Podcast (V: Elements of Hip-Hop (Series Finale) – By Jessica Dalby

2. This is the link to Pandora Podcast (Cypress Hill: The greatest Latino hip-hop group of all-time!)

3. This is the link to iHeartRadio Podcast (Naughty By Nature: The Kings of the Hip-Hop Anthems!!)

Snoop Dogg: West Coast at it’s finest‪!‬

Episode XI is about the west coast’s finest: @SnoopDoggTV ! Snoop Dogg was one of the biggest names in hip-hop during The Shift. He has transformed himself into a powerhouse in music and entertainment. Diggie, Johnny TGV, and Nick Gibbs discuss Snoop’s contributions to the culture in this must-see/hear episode! Snoop Dogg is West Coast at it’s finest!

Honorable Mention (The Shift Season II): The Chronic

Season II’s Honorable Mention is the over the Westcoast classic: The Chronic! Considered by most the crown jewel of hip-hop in the early 90s. The Chronic changed hip-hop forever. In this episode, Diggie, Tyrone, and newcomer DJ Rod Gee discuss the significance of this great album to the hip-hop culture!

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