Episodes Premiere Weekly on Tuesday at 6:15 PM CST

Episodes Premiere Weekly on Tuesday at 6:15 PM CST

We pay homage to the greatest hip-hop and music artists of all time.

We host a weekly video/podcast on YouTube on certain topics and artists to show the progression of this great artform. We feature people from all over the United States to engage in conversation and debate on hip-hop music and who want to continue to push the culture forward. We look to maintain the relevance of the music and culture through each show with a diverse audience. We invite all guests that are small business owners, artists, fans, and the public to engage in each episode.

This platform is more than maintaining the relevance and pushing the culture forward. Through this journey we also like new guests to introduce themselves. The vision is to promote others, uplift one another, and continue to educate on the prevalence of a genre of music that may be seen from different perspectives. The year 2020 has been such a trying time and music is a universal language that provides solace to most of society. We remain being a genuine, inclusive, and comfortable place for others to enjoy great discussion and meet different people from all walks of life.

Visit the site and continue to see each show and stay tuned to all the upcoming events. Subscribe to the monthly e-mail newsletter and stay abreast on promotions, discounts when purchasing merchandise from our store, and possible giveaways as we continue to grow. A core component of the show and the platform is to show unity and progression. We ask for all to get involved and allow us to provide you another avenue through empowerment to succeed and demonstrating we can all thrive together.

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