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We provide Professional Interviews for Independent artists. Independent Artists will receive an individualized interview to showcase them. It will be professionally recorded, aired via video and multiple audio platforms. In addition, with the artists images provided, links to all your music, contact information/etc. The price is $175, and it entails everything as outlined.

This opportunity allows you to connect with your present audience. As well as further your reach by being professionally showcased. Look at our resume and the value we bring. Through collaborating together, markets your interview in a broader spectrum. Expanding your visibility, resume, and how you can be contacted.

We welcome cross collaboration, sharing ideas can lead to innovation, and make achieving business goals much more likely. Therefore, this provides the opportunity to boost productivity for both businesses. Collaborating in a productive way may provide results and a good outcome for both businesses towards achieving its goals. For specific details, questions, or inquires please e-mail jessica.dalby@diggiea2.com and please place your specific request in the subject line of the e-mail.

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