Diggie the Progression of Hip-Hop LLC: The Perfect Beginning for Aspiring Music Artists

What initially started out as an idea and a vision on a clean sheet of paper has transformed into a full-blown company that caters to the many needs of aspiring artists in the hip-hop industry. Diggie the Progression of Hip-Hop LLC is one of the ideal jump-off points for any new artist. It specializes in talent management, promotions, online publications, creating a powerful social media presence, and establishing collaborations, among others.

The company launched its primary offering, a podcast available on all streaming platforms, last September 11, 2020. It is hosted by Robb Dalby, also known as Robb Diggie, who is also the content creator and the entrepreneur between him and his wife, Jess. Robb and Jess are both retired military personnel who own Diggie the Progression of Hip-Hop LLC. Jess, on the other hand, is the queen of Diggie A-2, their clothing line, and the main host of the program The Queen and Vida Show.

The Diggie A-2 podcast has featured some exciting interviews with well-known hip-hop personalities, including the legendary LL Cool J, Hitta Castro, 36 N Brimstone, and Young Bleed, to mention a few. The podcast also includes cathartic discussions on the contributions of several hip-hop icons to the industry and its evolution. These icons featured on the show include Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Naughty by Nature, Gang Starr, and Onyx.

The husband and wife duo were inspired to create their company at a time when everyone else considered it impractical and unwise to start a business. The idea behind Diggie the Progression of Hip-Hop LLC was formed due to sadness, turmoil, divisiveness, and negativity that COVID-19 brought on everyone else, even on the Dalby couple. Robb and Jess envisioned a platform that would unite people, keep them connected, and become a breeding ground for artists looking for an avenue to grow. Robb’s genuine love for hip-hop music and its overall culture of free self-expression and positive impact defined what Diggie the Progression of Hip-Hop LLC stands for today.

“Moving forward, our vision remains aligned with our vision statement: ‘Everyone can shine and succeed together,’” Jessica explains. “We continue to provide all aspects of our business at affordable rates and ensure all that the money someone invests in their career is being rewarded with quality. The future is what you make of it and how hard you are willing to work,” she concludes.

When it comes to their talent management service, Jess is nothing but determined to make things happen for their clients by helping them establish a strong presence in the industry. Besides showcasing the artist’s musical talent, Robb and Jess also want to help them create an undeniable social media presence to connect with their fans and promote their music effectively. The couple is looking at working with independent artists based in different parts of the world and working side by side with them to make their dreams come to life.

Find out more about Diggie the Progression of Hip-Hop LLC by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on their latest work.

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