Robb Dalby (AKA) Robb Diggie is the podcast host, content creator, and entrepreneur. He is originally from Atlanta, GA. Currently residing outside of Kansas City, MO. He is a military veteran and has a Master’s in Human Resources. He has never been a hip-hop artist but has been a fan since the late 80s. For years, he always wanted to start a pod/videocast based on his love for hip-hop music and its culture.

Ironically, You Never Know When The Right Time Is To Start Something Or Simply Continue To Dream About Doing It. The Year 2020 Came With So Many Ups And Downs. Sadness And Turmoil. Negativity And Divisiveness. Due To The Pandemic Sports Was No Longer Available As Normal. Life Was Not Normal. Outside Of Sports, Music Is The Other Artform That Brings People Together. Music Is A Universal Language.

Simply based on his genuine love for hip-hop music, the artists, and the culture drove him to start this platform. Through his authentic personality he wanted to create this platform to uplift, unite, and show inclusivity of all people within his community and worldwide. While supporting other small businesses, upcoming artists, etc. to inspire people and others to come to a comfortable place an outlet and enjoy discussing different hip-hop artists, music, culture, and its influence.

Jess Dalby (AKA) Jess “The Queen Of Diggie A-2” Is The Main Podcast Host On The Queen & Vida Show. She Is Happily Married To Robb Diggie. She Is Originally Born And Raised In Brooklyn, NY. She Is A Military Veteran. She Holds A Bachelor Of Science In Psychology With A Minor In Sociology. As Society Continued To Unravel, She Chose To View Things In A Different Manner Through Her Lens. Her Primary Role Was In The Background Bringing Things Together And Formulating Ideas Regarding How The Platform Can Continue To Grow And Become A Positive Impact.

Implementing The Queen & Vida Show Was Essential To Her Because She Wanted To Elaborate On The Culture Aspect. In Addition, Being A Female Podcast Host Was A Core Piece To Showing Society And Females Of All Ages That Women Are Capable To Speak On A Genre Of Music That Is Predominately Male Influenced. Through Different Topics That People Can Connect With Via Music From A Normal Person Who Is Not An Artist Provides A Sense Of Comfortable Dialogue With No Right Or Wrong Answer.

She Has Love For Hip-Hop Music And Its Culture And Likes To Have Society View It From All Different Perspectives. Hip-Hop Music Is Generalized With Terms Such As, Gangsta, Drugs, Gangs, Etc. However, She Likes To Be Able To Elaborate On The Lyricism And Objectivity Versus The Negativity Associated With Connotation Of Words. With That Being Said, The Progression Of Hip-Hop Is Vital.

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